Authentication at the edgewith Clerk and Next.js

Two strategies

Clerk supports both stateless and stateful authentication at the edge



Before a request, Clerk generates a short-lived JWT (JSON Web Token) for authentication. Verifying the JWT takes less than 1 ms!

Stateless demo

Response time
-- ms
Authentication speed
-- ms
Response region
User ID

Stateless done right

Short-lived, automatically-refreshing JWTs provide simple, robust security


Each JWT only lasts 60 seconds. If a session needs to be revoked, this short lifetime ensures attackers will be stopped within 60 seconds.


Clerk's Next.js SDK automatically refreshes tokens before they expire, so there's no extra work for developers. Watch it in real - time below.

Try revocation

Sign in on two devices to test revocation

Ready for authentication at the edge?

Stateless, revocable authentication is included in every Clerk plan.